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Gambling Addiction

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The casino is a fascinating place to spend free time and get fun. Nowadays due to modern technologies people have chance to play online casino games via the Internet. It is a good way to relax after tiring day and feel excitement with every click of the mouse. Although, gambling can be alluring and destructive.

Some gamblers are fond of the adrenaline and thrill that appear when they bet their money. Players become addicted to this experience that turns into an uncontrollable destroying necessity. People can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, and sex and gambling. When the thrilling feeling of the game overwhelms the sense and logic, the gambler has crossed over the crucial line from play to addiction. This type of addiction can destroy the life of the player and his family.

In What Way does Gambling Addiction Begin?

Gambling addiction can start like other addictions. Just one but high win is enough. The progression depends on several factors, such as the type of personality, the type of game and others. It is noticeable that gamblers, who play games that need more special skills and knowledge and strategies, addict slower than those who gambler games of pure chance and randomness. In any case there are 3 stages of this illness.

Stages of Gambling Addiction

  • The winning stage is the first step to gambling addiction. It is still fun and innocence as the gambler plays just for fun. With the time passing by the player begins to gamble more frequently than earlier. He starts talking more about his gamble experience and winnings. In this period friends and family don't notice the problem as gambling still doesn't have any negative consequences. The duration of the winning stage can be different, but it is much shorter for those who play video poker than for those who bet on the race track.
  • The next stage is losing. This stage comes after the fun and first euphoria from winnings. In this period the gambling has a form of a ritual which is done very frequently. The amount of bets grows as the gambler needs to risk more money to get the same thrill. Very often it leads to debts, as the gamer tries to bet as much as possible to return the money he has lost. As result the addict is depressed because of losing and unstable finance situation.
  • The last stage is the depression. It starts when the gambler is isolated from his family and friends. He has sold almost all of his belongings and is in desperate feeling he is an unlucky person. At this stage gamblers often try to steal or to commit crimes to get money. 1/3 of addicts consider suicide. Gambling addiction gives roots to many other addictions, like drugs and alcohol.

What to Do?

The best way to prevent gambling addiction is to stop it at the first winning stage. If the gambler is seriously addicted he should be sent to a treatment center.