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Facts about Casino server software

All transactions of the online gaming casinos are registered officially through the Casino's server software. In case if there is a difference between the server software of the casino and the casino software downloaded by the player, then you have to take the result shown by the server software of the casino as an official record. The result of the casino server software should be considered as the rules of the casino. In such cases, the company is not responsible for the money loss through the casino.

Rule and regulations

  • Decision of the company is final concerning any kind of issues related to the gambling on online casino, eligibility of age or accounts of the gamblers.
  • Spins and play of all tournament will end on the scheduled time and the spins in progress will not be complete ahead of time.
  • Funds of the player will not be transferred if the players try to withdraw the winning amount which is more than the initial purchase amount until the gambling reach a minimum level for the eligibility of bonus.
  • Company also can refuse the player to the casino, if the player is residing in a place or country where online gambling is not allowed.
  • Company has the right to cancel the account of the player at any time and pay the player whatever remaining in the account of the player during cancellation. Otherwise the company is not responsible for the cancellation.

Reasons for account cancellation

The company also has the right to cancel any kind of winnings and will give back money originally deposited by the player to his account in case of following reasons:

1. Two or more active player accounts in a casino or related website of the casino.

2. The names seen on the credit card as well as on the account of the player do not matches or by using some other methods of payment for purchases made on the account of the gambler.

3. Information given by the player is misleading or not correct.

4. If the player did not reach the eligibility age or do not meet any other criteria of eligibility shown in the terms and conditions, then the company has the right to cancel the account.

5. If the player gives permission to another person to access the account of the player.

6. Before satisfying the promotional requirements of the casino promotion, if the player tries to withdraw the amount from the account.

7. If found cheating to defeat casino with help of any kind of system such as software, machines or computers.

8. If the player violate any terms and conditions mentioned here.

9. When the player is recognized as an abuser of promotional events.

10. Welcome bonus can be received only once in lifetime and receiving welcome bonus more than once is also a crime. If there is no deposited cash, then you cannot withdraw more than $50. Company will remove all the winnings above $50.