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odds of roulette

Beating the odds in playing roulette in casinos may sound difficult but obviously possible. Here are some of the simple steps for you to increase the odds in roulette:

  1. The first trick is for you to identify the amount of many you shall use for betting. It is advised that you opt for subtle beginning going further until you somehow understood the whole thing. For beginners, it is important and does help a lot to start with one dollar tables.
  2. Instead of merely picking the odd or even numbers or the black and white colors, it would be a lot better to opt for 3's using the columns as seen in the picture below. It would also help a lot to bet the odds of roulette when you shall stick to your chosen column of 3's
table of roulette

Dealing with your bet wisely

Here are some simple steps on how you need to deal with your bet as wisely as you possibly can:

  1. Using the table above and assuming the first 1-12 column is the particular spot that you choose to bet, you should by all means stick with that particular spot and never change it all throughout the game. It is also important to stick with the amount of your bet especially if you won the first bet.
  2. If in case you lose in your first bet, you must increase it or should I say double your money in your second bet for a better chance of getting real good winnings. However, you should still stick with the same spot that you chose in your first bet.
  3. You may only take this step if you did not win in your second roll. Double your bet in the 2nd roll. If you are lucky enough and win, you will be able to claim at least $12USD if assuming you will bet $4 on this round. If you art still unlucky to win this roll, then go back to your first bet of $1 in the first roll and simply repeat the process still sticking in the same column you have chosen at the beginning of the game.
  4. By following this simple process, it is assumed that you will be able to successfully bet the odds of roulette. Depending on the money you got and the maximum bet allowed in the roulette table, you can always do this process in progression. However, you should always stick to the spot where you started playing.

These steps may sound complicated especially if you are a beginner for roulette. However, once you get to feel familiarize with this process, it will surely be a lot easier for you to bet the odds of roulette in casinos.