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"Roulette" is actually French word meaning "small wheel". Since this is a popular game, I bet a lot of you know how this game is played. A traditional or computerized dealer would be spinning the wheel of this game in a particular way and at the same time the ball would also be spinning in the other direction. This happens until the ball slowly drops on any of the slots. There are actually only two ways or styles of playing this game: one is called the American style and the other is known as the European style of roulette.

The European style

This type has at least thirty seven pockets which can be played as much as you want. It also has a "0" number which differs from the American which has an extra pocket number "00". It is touted to have a house advantage of up to 2.7%. This is why experts would say that it is a lot better to play this game style than the American one which only possess a house edge of up to 5.26% which indeed a very big difference.

The American roulette wheel

This type of roulette has thirty eight number pockets which somehow make it a bit disadvantageous for gamblers and a lot better for casino operators. Both these games have the same sequence, color alternate and even numbers. These two only differ in the number of pockets and the extra "0" pockets. The European has only one "0" also starts at 0 and end at number 26. This style on the other hand which has double "0" also starts at 0 but ends at number two.

Various "sectors" of roulette

For you to fully understand how the roulette game works you should also need to understand the different sectors on this table. Here they are:

  1. "Zero and its neighbors" - these numbers come in the middle of 22 black and 25 red. In European style wheel, the numbers move clockwise.
  2. "The Third" - these are located on the other side of the so-called Green Zero. These numbers also move clockwise starting from 27 Red heading to 33 Black.
  3. "Orphans" - these are actually the left numbers on the wheel.

No matter how these numbers actually work does not matter a lot. The bottom line here is choosing the right table to play on. However, experts advised that it will be a great advantage to play this game the European style.