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The Main Principles of the Roulette Casino Games

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Roulette casino games are becoming more and more popular nowadays as they are available at real casinos as well as online. Roulette attracts millions of gamblers because roulette casino games are games of a pure chance and don't need any skills or experience. When entering the casino and watching a crowd surrounding the roulette table and cheering winners, it is hard to keep from betting at least one time.

The Main Aspects of the Game

The goal of roulette casino games is to guess designed on the wheel number, color or a combination of them, where the ball will stop moving. You play against the house not against other players. The flow of the game is controlled by a dealer who registers bets, spins wheel and gives payouts. There are 2 main types of roulette: American and European wheels. The difference is in American roulette game there is an extra "zero" pocket that handicaps players. The reason is that zero means all bets are lost.

Instruction How to Play Roulette Casino Games

The game can be played by up to 8 gamblers at the same time in real roulette. The players buy from the dealer chips of different color for each gambler in order not to confuse the bets. Then the gamers make their bets placing their chips on specially designed roulette table. The bet variations can be numbers from 1 to 12, color of the numbers, odd or even numbers, small (up to 18) or big (from 19) numbers. The croupier spins the wheel, drops the ball and announces that betting has been finished. After his announce no bet can be changed. After the ball stops moving, the dealer makes payouts and sweeps away the losing bets. The gamblers, who make a decision to leave the game, exchange the roulette chips for cash.

Bets in Roulette Casino Games

Betting in roulette is quite simple, however, it is necessary to know their peculiarities in order to win more. There are two main types of bets: inside and outside bets.

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